New Folk Music in Acton

Hello there! My name is Steve Harrison and, like many people, I’ve found myself with some free time over the past couple of years. I’m a musician with a love of history, a love of stories and, of course, a love of song! Having spent time teaching in Devon and London, as well as several years in Germany, the style of my new Folk music in Acton draws on all manner of influences, including Folk, Jazz, Latin and Indie. Together with my musical friends, I’ve been able to produce some wonderful music that our whole collective is really proud of. We hope you enjoy hearing it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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New Music with a Fresh Slant

If you fancy hearing some new Folk music in Acton, head over to our Spotify page to hear some new music we’re sure you’ll love. Our Albums page has more info about each one, as well as our styles and influences. We hope you enjoy it!

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Painting of figures that represent the Steve Harrison & Friends band


A Musical Collective

Our collective has grown and changed, taking many forms over the years, from just me with my pen and a few ideas for a song, all the way up to a fully-fledged group with as many as eleven members at once, producing new Folk music in Acton. Everyone brings a different style, different ideas and different sounds, and it all comes together to create something wonderful.

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About the Music

With so many influences and so many voices, it’s small wonder that we’ve been able to bring it together in the way that we have. Combining our various styles with our various influences from the past with the stories we find interesting, we’ve been able to combine and produce something that’s more than just the sum of its parts. It all comes together in the studio, where our producer Simone Filiali works his magic. It wouldn’t happen without him! Take a look at his website to learn more about this talented individual.

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Our Albums

Each one is different from the last, representing a shift in personnel, in style and in influence. Take a look and have a listen! All of our albums are available on Spotify.



Playing Live

There’s nothing better than a live crowd to get the blood flowing! No matter which iteration Steve Harrison and Friends takes on any particular evening, playing new Folk music in Acton, you can be sure you’ll have bags of fun at one of our gigs!

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Steve Harrison and Friends live on stage


New Folk Music in Acton

If you’ve been on the lookout for new music to shake up your ear-drums, take a look at our Albums page for some tunes with Folk, Latin, Jazz and Indie influences. We like to make things that are a little different and we hope you enjoy them!

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